To the tears i had my eyes to receive, maybe my opinions were true,to once i deceive The day was not so long to wait, but the night i saw was to trait I could wish for this pain is to cure, living with this agony i wasn’t sure No, the path i walked was … Continue reading Pain


Friend, I don’t know how much you would have relate this word in your life but in my world this is really a colorful vision. From asking pen to pendrive we all grew up. I was kinda very happy and as the earth is round so was my friend circle. Not just the shape but … Continue reading F.R.I.E.N.D.S


To all those birds and like them flying away, where are you towards and for what or just sway. to the path we flew finding those peace, maybe this how we chase us for the cease. nothing is with you nor are you with them, so what is the excitement and all this overwhelm. there … Continue reading Escape


There is no ending to it and the beginning was always a mystery it happens to everyone from me to you, escape is the word it won’t ever work here movement is what it would look like, the amalgamation and fragmentation both would take place the journey of endless and infinite space the uncaptured the … Continue reading Time


who is she they talk about, speaking of equality I really doubt don’t you tell them that her rights are equal she is a flow of those magic with no other sequel stop the fallacy you make of her calling those acts she doesn’t need it she is beyond all those facts to all the … Continue reading Women