When you find her tell her not a day goes by when I do not think of her the kind of girl she is are the rare among all tell her that the doors are still open yes again you can come and open the windows the room you left was full of cold wants … Continue reading Love

Love story

Maybe not in this story but I’m sure with a different glory we are going to meet like the sun is to shine with greet. Not everything is meant to end some things are just to get a blend apart just not beautiful let’s feel the things like those awful The love was not just … Continue reading Love story

The last Night…

Like the days are passing so are the memories now. The faster time makes the movement the slowest pause are the memories taking. I feel like it all happened just the last night, and the morning is again same with making realize about every last night. I just think sometimes that if I would get … Continue reading The last Night…


In the sea of empathy, I have seen some boats for sympathy. It’s not something we should ask, but if you see someone just give as it’s your own task. Everyone has their own waves, don’t make it sound like your own rave. The art is always about giving, don’t count anything on what you’re … Continue reading Empathy

…I don’t know

I don’t know what to say but the silence is now screaming within me. The memories I have lived are turning up to me. My mind has become like the television set where I see the movie call us. I do sit in the garden, not because of nature’s peace or beauty but talking to … Continue reading …I don’t know