The raft with waves
and you are sailing,
how deep is it and
what is that you are feeling.

Like the waves in ocean
it is comes again in a motion,
how long are you keeping
the feet in to this emotion.

Sometimes I like the moon
sometimes I don’t,
I wish if I cold hold the night
but at the other moment I won’t.

From the heart

I know the feelings never lived here
in my heart at the first place,
I have raised them feeling a lot
about them at every corner and pace.

It does not matter what you have felt
until they understand your feelings,
and at that moment expressing it
all the way for them is severe dealing.

I have wondered all the stories
I have been told about the moon and stars,
do you have ever felt what it is like
to smile bearing all those scars.

The light

It was never about the clouds
nor those shining stars,
but yet I loved the light
bearing all the scars.

when the first time I felt
something brighter than the sight,
eyes won’t believe them
but it was the love and its light.

maybe the universe becomes
one and we feel even the strangers,
while the heart is to feel and
experience ups and down with dangers.

Step away..

Escaping has a different flavor maybe
if I can step away from being myself,
just like the chapters I skip as I don’t
want from my old book shelve.

Just like the clouds running away
from the moon chasing the strange wind,
rushing from everything to nothing
leaving everything behind.

a place to memory where
moments are just endless,
a feeling of nostalgia
and a heart with no mess.


Does your flowers still dwell on
the garden beside,
or they have lost somewhere
among the world which is wide.

the petals once where in the garland
are no where but died,
the sun has come to see all
and looking at them he cried.

like the lost hope are you
between the pages of book,
don’t worry as you are among two stories
to the one they might still look.


Are you not afraid of being alone
travelling miles and leaving behind,
touching everything for once
keeping nothing in mind.

Feeling all of them for while
and being like nothing all the time,
do you not even love the moon
that is the world’s prime.

You make me feel good sometimes
and other times not,
the moving wind you are
waiting for no one without knot.