I sometimes wonder and feel sorry about the word sorry. Ohh, did I blow your mind? I’m sure I did. The reason for saying that I felt people don’t understand the importance of word sorry. Let me tell you something, why are you sorry? to whom you are sorry and for what you’re sorry. I … Continue reading Sorry


Attachment is not just getting attached but a feeling you choose to feel and I remember the day when for the first time my emotion told me to add you in my feeling. So, there it was all of you and I got myself being attached to you. It may sound a bit crazy that … Continue reading Attachment


You’re the bird of joy all alone as the singing toy. Laughter is the old noise, can you pretend it as a choice. The play is been played, are you the part who isn’t splayed. You can be the part, hold the things getting apart. I can live being fake, the chance is yours the … Continue reading Artista

Smile… :)

I was a wanderer walking alone from them, looking at their faces speaking overwhelm. Why are you crying I was to ask, the story they narrated was a painful task. I wish if I could believe you as they are hard so far, the night was dark with this burning scar. Like those mornings I … Continue reading Smile… 🙂


To the tears i had my eyes to receive, maybe my opinions were true,to once i deceive The day was not so long to wait, but the night i saw was to trait I could wish for this pain is to cure, living with this agony i wasn’t sure No, the path i walked was … Continue reading Pain


Friend, I don’t know how much you would have relate this word in your life but in my world this is really a colorful vision. From asking pen to pendrive we all grew up. I was kinda very happy and as the earth is round so was my friend circle. Not just the shape but … Continue reading F.R.I.E.N.D.S